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Start Date : 06 August, 2017
End Date : 10 August, 2017
Office : Amman - Jordan
Training Hours : 15
Hold Place : Amman - Jordan

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Additional Conditions

  • Participation fees should be paid before the course starting date by cash or a cheque.
  • Participants are charged 50% for cancelling registration two days before the course starts.
  • Participants shall not get any refund of the total course fees when withdrawing on the first day of the course session.
  • Participants are granted a certificate at the end of the course showing the total training hours provided they attended more than 75% of the course total hours.
  • Participants attending less than 75% of the course total hours will be granted a certificate showing only the hours actually attended.
  • Participants will not be granted a certificate if they attend less than 25% of the total course hours.
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